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What type of equipment should be PAT Tested?

The first thing to recognise is that not all equipment needs to be PAT Tested.

Any low voltage equipment below 50 volts, does not need to be PAT Tested. This means that for example, laptop computers do not need to be tested, because they only carry 19 volts, so therefore are not considered an electrical hazard. However the laptop charger and cable require testing because they carry mains voltage, 240 volts. This is true for most electrical equipment that is powered by an external power supply. For example some printers and telephone systems. 

The latest Code of Practice notes that in certain low risk environments, class 2 appliances do not require a PAT Test. However they still require a Formal visual inspection. However it is important to note, that the Visual Inspection is the most important part of the testing process. Around 90% of all equipment that the PAT Testing process uncovers as dangerous are found during the Visual Inspection. The visual inspection should  not be missed out.

Cordless power tools do not need testing, but their battery chargers do.
All class 1 IT equipment needs to be tested.

110 volt equipment needs to be tested, and 3 phase equipment also need to be tested.

The latest Code of Practice, for the first time now includes Hard wired equipment, such as hand dryers and wall heaters. These are described in the code as Fixed equipment.

There has also been a change in the way the Code of Practice deals with Hired Equipment. Unless you have a specific maintenance contract with the supplier to maintain the equipment, that equipment is the responsibility of you the hirer, to maintain inspect and test that equipment.

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