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Is it a legal requirement to PAT Test my equipment?

The Electricity at work Regulations 1989. Places a legal responsibility on employers 
to ensure that employees are not exposed to undue danger caused by using their
electrical equipment.
Compliance with these regulations requires that companies are able to provide evidence
that their electrical systems and equipment are maintained and are safe. This requires that
maintenance schedules are documented and that electrical equipment is inspected to
ensure safe condition, and this again needs to be documented.  And finally there is a
requirement that most electrical equipment periodically undergoes a Portable Appliance
Your insurance company also requires that you comply with the appropriate legislation.
The failure to provide proof of your compliance may well invalidate your insurance cover. 
You cannot be prosecuted for not PAT Testing your electrical equipment.  However if
something goes wrong, and you are unable to provide the documented evidence that you
have maintained, inspected and Tested your electrical equipment, at that point you can be
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